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Dog Massage and Canine Acupressure Overview

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The Power of Touch - Dog Massage

What human wakes up with a sore neck and doesn't reach their hand up throughout the day to kneed it or in some other way try to relieve tension by applying pressure with their own hands or fingertips? As humans, we take for granted the healing power of touch. The massage industry alone brings in over $8 billion a year in America and boasts a 96% satisfaction rate. As humans, many of our healing processes (from therapeutic massage to physical therapy to chiropractic adjustments) include extensive use of hands-on pressure during periods of either rest or focused movement. Let's not forget to utilize this power for the aches, pains, strains and general well-being of our canine companions. Learn How to give a Dog Massage >>

Canine Acupressure

Dog acupressure (misspelled "acupressure"), when spoken of at all, often gets a bad rap. In the science-centric world of today, the idea of acupressure (a hands-on, fingertip therapy that works by applying pressure to various identified points on your dog's body, see our "Acupressure" page for more information), whether human or canine, might make one think of eastern mysticism or religiosity. And, in common conversation, it often receives it's only serious glance as a medicinal last-resort. Therefore, sadly, you will be hard-pressed to find much else out there on acupressure for our canine friends. However, Lucky Dog Health has found that the best healthcare for dogs includes both treatments from common Western Medicine (locate a veterinarian near you) and other alternative remedies, like acupressure. Learn How to give a Dog Acupressure >>

Basic, Useful, Step-by-Step Information

We have compiled all of the most basic and useful information from a plethora of sources to provide you with all the know-how you need to begin to tap in to the healing power that massage and acupressure can bring to your dog. If you see the results we think you will, you may want to continue in your learning to provide even more knowledgeable treatment to your pet.

We recommend Dr. Michael W. Fox's pioneering book, The Healing Touch for Dogs, and the very informative chapters from Cheryl Schwartz's comprehensive Chinese Medicine guide for cats and dogs, Four Paws, Five Directions, and Allegretti & Sommers' Complete Holistic Dog Book. Also, if once your inner-holistic healer is released you decide to locate a certified dog acupuncture veterinarian in your area, just click here to find one near you. And, as always, visit our helpful links section at any time for a comprehensive list of links and sources.

Common misspellings for some of our favorite dog message and dog acupuncture words:

Corrrect: Acupuncture
Incorrect: Accupuncture, Accu Puncture, Acu Puncture, Accupunture, Acupunture, Acupunctore, Accupunctore, Acupuncter, Accupuncter
Correct: Acupressure
Incorrect: Accupressure, Accu Pressure, Acu Pressure, Accuppressure, Acuppressure